About me

My name is José Alberto Pérez Martínez. I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1981. I have spent my whole life very tied to gyms and martial arts. At the age of 3 I started to practice Karate until 10. After 4 years off, I was overweight, so I started to train with weights, but not too seriously.

IMG_20180824_123254_290At the age of 19, I come back to martial arts, Kung Fu, a discipline where even competed once in 2003. At the same time, in 2002, the interest for bodybuilding returned to me, but this time very seriously. Now it was not only about my body, but the other people´s bodies. I wanted to help them to turn their lives in healthy lives.


In 2009, after several years working at gyms and training people, I needed a new challenge: to be a champion in a new martial art discipline. This time, Taekwondo.

Everybody used to say me that I was too old for that, and the most Black belts were about 18. That was true, but after 1 year of very hard training, 29 (and a humble orange belt) I won the Championship of Madrid in February 2010.


n the other hand, I have a Doctoral Degree in History (2016) and have published three papers in different academic journals. Also I wrote 5 books during my times off and gave different conferences and TV& Radio interviews all around my country.


In my free time I like to read and invest in Stock Markets, where after 6 years training, have developed my own style.
Currently I live in Houston where I am working as Personal Trainer again. Honesty, hard work and customer satisfaction are my main goals in each session.